Quienes Somos Indepack

Historical Review

In 2002, after several family meetings, the desire to transfer the company to the second generation began to be discerned, and in 2003 Jaime Caicedo and his wife Ligia Vargas de Caicedo transferred the command to their children Laura, Jaime and Angela, changing the company name to INDEPACK SAS.

In 2004 the founding father, Mr. JAIME CAICEDO, died, leaving his dream in the hands of his three children.

INDEPACK SAS, continues to show a constant growth in sales, and in 2009 it achieved the ISO 9001 quality certification. In subsequent years, ISO 14001 environment and ISO 45001 occupational Health and Safety certifications, as well as implementing Corporate Governance Positioning itself as one of the best in its field, an achievement that brings more clients and the recognition of the business sector, employees and suppliers.

Committed to making the company that his father founded go from being a “Little Entrepreneur” to the GREAT COMPANY that they want to pass on to the third generation, today they are sure that THE HERITAGE of Mr. Caicedo will pass from generation to generation, becoming a piece effective engine of the Colombian economy.

Our vision

Reflect a growth of 60% in the year 2024 thanks to the development of a strategic plan that allows us to manage an investment of resources in terms of the optimization of tools and machinery, thus achieving that the efficiency in our production is classified as SUPERIOR. Through maintaining the participation and opening of new business models, improving and increasing the portfolio of our products by 9.5, causing an increase in the demand for profitability in the company.

Our Team

Jaime Caicedo

Jaime Caicedo



Angela Caicedo

Angela Caicedo



Laura Caicedo

Laura Caicedo

Administrative and HSEQ Manager


Hernando Vargas

production manager


John Matiz

Purchasing Manager


Ana Morales

warehouse manager


Our Commitment

Customer Satisfaction

In order to achieve customer satisfaction, we are committed to understanding the needs and expectations of customers to provide quality and total guarantee in our products. By meeting the required specifications and adequate delivery times.

Occupational healt and safety

Senior Management's commitment is to maintain constant consultation and participation with our workers to provide the best working conditions, ensuring their health, safety and well-being during the development of their activities. Sustaining itself with a comprehensive management for the identification of hazards, risk assessment, determination of controls for them and determination of the need for appropriate competence, education, training or experience for each of our employees, to be sensitized to a decision. of conscience.

Environmental Sustainability

The prevention of environmental contamination is fundamental for the organization. Through management to identify environmental aspects, evaluate and control environmental impacts in all our processes and products.